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Clear Sales Message help companies of all sizes to improve their sales performance by improving the quality of their sales communications.
By better explaining what your company offers in the marketplace, why that matters to your potential client and why they should choose you over the competition, you can increase your sales, your conversions and most crucially the confidence of your sales staff.
From creating sales copy, to naming products and services, creating memorable tag lines, sales pitches, and providing sales training, we ensure your communications are C.L.E.A.R.
That’s Client focussed, Logical, Engaging, Accurate and Results driven.
After all, if your potential clients don’t understand your offering- they can’t buy it.
  • Sales Training
  • Product Naming
  • Tagline Creation
  • Value Proposition Creation
  • Objection Handling
  • Client Profiling
  • Sales Pitch Creation
Who we are looking for
  • Startups
  • Businesses launching new products/services
  • Businesses launching new websites
  • Businesses updating their branding
  • Businesses looking to grow their sales
  • Creative & Marketing agencies
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"The value proposition work has allowed us to confidently explain to potential clients who are not yet aware of the power of branded video. The simple and memorable REC system created for us also now forms part of our presentations and marketing collateral."

Nemorin Creative Film & Video

“Creating a Clear Sales Message for the commercial market has allowed us to not only differentiate ourselves from our competitors, but also to explain the benefits of softened water in a more tangible way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clear Sales Message, they have really delivered what we need.”

European Water Technologies

“Working with Clear Sales Message allowed us to focus our offering from a “one stop shop” approach to being very specific about the value that we bring and where our expertise lies. With their help we relocated our website to a new, more relatable domain name and created email signatures and other collateral to reinforce our new focussed approach.”

Aston Hospitality Experts