Lou Swaine, Founder of Hug London Explains Brand Vs Branding

Hug London Branding a business

Before we go begin there is one thing we must make clear, neither your brand nor your branding can be simply defined by your logo.

There is often no real distinction between brand and branding, a common yet sizeable mistake that could cost a business its potential success. The situation is often further clouded by the lack of understanding of many marketing agencies. There is tendency to jump straight into the branding stage before a clear brand has been established, simply because it’s what the client has asked for.

It’s crucial that business owners and marketers understand that you simply cannot start branding a business without having a clear, well-understood brand already in place.

How to create effective branding

The most important thing is to know your brand well first and think about the way colour and shapes are associated with the emotions your brand represents.

Once you know the direction you’re heading in we suggest speaking to us at Hug London, who will be able to help you craft your branding in a natural way that speaks to your audience and echoes your brand.  

There are many articles out there that talk about brand and branding as one and the same. Whilst they are closely linked–one does not work without the other–they are two very different aspects of your business.

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