Making people feel good about their money

Three ways we help you meet your investment goals
1. Diversification
We select a range of asset classes, geographies, and currency exposures to minimise risk and maximise growth.
2. Management of Costs
Anything you pay on your investment eats into your returns, so we work to keep costs low and quality high.
3. Looking Ahead
We stay on top of market fluctuations and plan for the future, re-balancing and monitoring your portfolio so you don’t have to.
Estate planning
Estate planning lets you pass on more of your hard-earned money to those you care about rather than the taxman. You can do this by reducing the amount of your estate that will be taken into consideration when your Inheritance Tax bill is calculated. Our specialist advisers can help you make sense of this complicated matter.
We can also help ensure your Will reflects your wishes, and is written in a way that will take into consideration inheritance tax mitigation. We oversee powers of attorney and trust implementation, and would work with your lawyers to update and manage this process on an annual basis.

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