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We are the Azzollini Nicola Marmi , a company that manufactures and manufactures marbles , stones , travertines and granites in the south of Italy, in Trani .

We are the Azzollini Nicola Marmi , a company that manufactures marbles, stones , travertines and granites in the south of Italy, in Trani. 

The company was founded by Nicola Azzollini and has more than 50 years experience. The company is constantly evolving thanks to the passion and commitment of Gianfranco, Antonella Azzollini and the whole team.

Every project from the smallest to the largest is followed from the beginning until its completion. From the extraction of blocks in the quarry, to the selection of materials with the customer, from the study and analysis of the project to the creation of the mock-up , from the production of the material with absolute attention to detail up to delivery to destination.

All their processes comply with the Italian legislation to extract the material. In the last few years we have started a collaboration with Italian designers in order to give a second life to our unused stones.

We work with Architects, Interior Designers, Residential and Commercial Property Developers.

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