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My business is your success. I offer all of my clients a guaranteed return on investment – this is the only business service I know of that guarantees your gross profits will increase by more than you pay for the service.

For most of my clients, it’s either about making more money or improving lifestyle or both!

It’s a privilege to have a positive impact on clients’ lives, I believe in giving value first to ensure that I do. Every client is different and I work closely with my clients to design a bespoke programme to take their business to where they want to go. The rewards are not immediate and sometimes the process can be tough, but step-by-step, we turn their business into its most profitable and valuable state.


You’ll get a plan that inspires you to define and achieve your personal goals, via your business, with coaching to ensure you get there.

A business plan helps you GROW, companies with a written business plan have 50% greater sales growth and 12% higher gross profit margins than those without one (survey by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership).

If you are open to help and committed to work for it, Jeff can give you the help you need to achieve your personal and business goals and enjoy doing it (guaranteed).

You’ll also gain access to the expertise of the entire Global ActionCOACH community, the creators of business coaching. Improving the lives of thousands of business owners like you for over 20 years.


Discover valuable strategies, tested tools, and proven systems to build any business (especially yours) right now, right here…

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A West or Central London based business owner who wants to grow their profitability. Over 5 employees and/or £400K revenue.

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“Jeff is an incredible asset. As a great strategist, Jeff has an amazing attention to detail. Alongside all these great attributes he constantly carries a smile and has humour in abundance.”

Paul Lyrick

CTO, Imprima Group

“Jeff played an intrinsic role in catapulting the iRooms offering into becoming a global market-leader. His work has been invaluable and the growth in business has been extremely impressive. Jeff is a great guy to work with.”

Tim Black

MD, Black & Callow

“What I admire about Jeff is his ability to combine strategic insight with hands on delivery. He has been exceptional at spotting market trends, threats, opportunities, realigning resources and building up capabilities to exploit the market to maximum company benefit.”

Maciek Janowski

Senior Director, EPAM Systems